When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Georgia?

Perpetually associated with peaches, Georgia offers more to visitors than the delicious fruit that is its official fruit. Cultural activities, such as festivals, concerts, and tours, abound throughout the year. But, the best time for a visit to Georgia is either spring or fall.

Summer in Georgia can be unbearable; the heat and humidity can get so high that major cities in the state like Atlanta often have to issue warnings to residents not to stay outside too long to avoid heat strokes and dehydration. Winters in the state can get just as extreme. The cold is often harsh and biting to exposed skin. It is not much of a problem for people used to the climes of Northern states, but for people visiting from everywhere else, the cold might be an unwelcome condition, especially during vacation. Georgia shows its best colors to visitors from March to May (spring) and from September to November (fall).

Spring in Georgia is the perfect time for nature loves to visit. After the gloomy early rains of spring, azaleas, dogwoods, and camellias start coming into full bloom, infusing the surroundings with vibrant colors. The coming of spring also signals the start of new festivities. There’s the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia for March, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and Atlanta Film Festival for April, just to name a few. With the coming of fall, a new set of colors dominate Georgia. Trees shed their warm red, yellow, and orange leaves to get ready for winter. For fall visitors, there is in the Georgia State Fair in Macon and the Big Pig Jig, a barbecue-cooking competition, in Vienna.

Georgia’s capital and largest city in terms of population, Atlanta serves as a break from all the nature appreciation Georgia offers. As the cultural and economic center of Georgia, Atlanta offers a lot of attractions in the forms of museums, theatres, gardens, restaurants, and bars. If you’re looking for a place to stay while you soak in the site, the Georgian Terrace Hotel can provide a temporary, yet luxurious home. Located in Midtown Atlanta, the hotel is a historic building from the early 1910s. Designed by the architect William Lee Stroddart, the hotel was built in the Beaux-Arts style as an attempt to imitate Parisian architecture. Part of the Fox Theatre Historic District, the hotel is centrally located. Restaurants, midtown clubs, and museums surround its two- to six-block radius. If the need for a visit downtown ever arises, it’s a one mile drive from the hotel. Surround by attractions, the Georgian Terrace is an attraction itself.

Aside from historical significance, the hotel bears some relevance to the film industry. Its ballroom has been featured in a few films, the most recent being The Change-Up starring Ryan Reynolds.