What do savvy frequent travelers look for

Guest survey results – What do savvy frequent travelers look for?
Planning the perfect hotel stay takes time and research! Think of a hotel you have stayed at that was completely pleasant and everything went smoothly. That is the same feeling you want to have with every hotel stay or vacation you have.

Before you start planning your hotel stay, you should definitely research and follow these simple pointers to help you find the perfect hotel.

The question is how can you avoid getting stressed during your hotel stay and assure yourself that the property is up to your expectations?

When you make a reservation at a hotel, most of the time you assume that parking is included. It is a normal thing to assume this, but the reality is that not all hotels include parking in their rates. In an article posted recently by, Hotel Chatter, says “most hotels don’t even list their sky-high parking fees on their website, meaning you usually don’t know until you pull up that parking will cost you”. This can be a nuisance, especially, if you have a specific budget for your trip and just the hassle overall. Some people think it is crazy to pay for parking, but it is actually quite the norm, especially, with properties that are located in big cities and parking is limited. To avoid any headaches, you should ensure what the parking policy is before booking your hotel stay, that way upon arrival, you are not surprised with a parking fee.

When booking your hotel stay, one of the most important items is the location of the property. Ideally, you want to be close to shops and restaurants or you want to be near “the hub”. Some properties will advertise themselves as being in “the hub” or just minutes away. When you check-in to the property you realize it is further away from everything that what you expected. You definitely want to avoid this surprise that will lead on to headache when you arrive at the property. A good way to avoid this situation is to get the physical address of the property and search it on the web, to actually see a map of the area. Look at the reviews and see what people have to say about the area. According to independenttraveler.com, “Most (booking sites) also have the extra capability of searching for and mapping a hotel in relation to a particular point of interest, such as Times Square or the San Diego Zoo”. Additionally, you can also call your company and agents can assist you.

We all have to pay taxes whether we like it or not. Some taxes are higher than others, depending on what you are buying or purchasing as far a product or service. When most people think of taxes they think of sales taxes, which usually range from 5% to 8%. It is not the same for hospitality taxes. Hospitality taxes can range from 10% to 25% depending on where the property is located. Therefore, some people have a big misconception on what the taxes are. In a USA Today article they interviewed Jason Clampet, co-founder of travel advice site Skift.com and he said “Fees tend to surprise travelers. Most people don’t even think about it until they leave.” Jason also went on to say “You check out of the hotel or you return your car, and then you look at the line item. It leaves travelers with a bit of a bad taste in their mouth.” The reason being, tourism taxes, which are always higher, because cities need to maintain the city and build attractions for the tourists. Most people think the hotel taxes are as much as the sales taxes and they are surprised at how much the price goes up after taxes. You just need to remember that hospitality taxes are much higher than sales tax and not be surprised by it.

Almost everyone uses the internet nowadays, very few people don’t. One of the most popular requests or requirements people have when reserving their stay is internet access. Most people assume internet access is everywhere and it is wireless. Unfortunately, that is not the case always. Many hotels do offer the wireless internet (WIFI) in the guestrooms as well as the lobby. Some, hotels only offer internet access in the lobby or business center and others, very few, do not offer internet access at all. In order to bypass the stress of having to pay an additional fee for internet, you should check out properties that have complimentary internet access available. You can also contact the property and ask if the internet is complimentary, if it is wireless and how much bandwidth you get. This is a great way to ensure they have exactly what you need.

You could be in a rush or getting ready to go somewhere, while making your reservation, so you completely overlook all the small charges and when you arrive at the hotel you are surprised with additional charges! Another scenario could be: it is the end of your stay and you get a summary of their room bill and there are many small charges and the total is higher than what you expected! CNN.com stated that “what irks travelers even more than having to pay the growing number of hotel fees is the fact that they may not even know about them until they’ve already booked the room, or worse, gotten their bill. So you need to do your due diligence and find out ahead of time what to expect”. The best way to find out about all the additional charges is to contact someone and find out everything that you will have to pay for and get a full total. Sometimes hotels can nickel and dime you for everything and you only find out during your stay. For example, they might charge for additional towels, HBO channels, wireless internet in the guestrooms, parking, the water bottles in the mini fridge, etc.

Avoid getting stressed out before you begin your vacation and follow these small tips. We can guarantee you that it will reduce your stress and make your vacation very pleasant.