Travelling with kids? We’ve been there and bought the T-shirt.

D-o-o-o-n’t panic!
Travelling with kids? We’ve been there and bought the T-shirt.

Travelling with a new born baby is a worry – but there’s really nothing to worry about. They don’t move – a big plus – but once they start crawling it’s a different story, and if you didn’t take them away as babies you’ll wish you had.

The first trip with our new baby very relaxing. It wasn’t an all inclusive hotel but it had its own beach which meant that we actually never left the grounds of the hotel for the week we were away. With a large room on the top floor, we didn’t have to worry about crying disturbing the neighbours – that’s the baby crying by the way!.

This is probably the topmost tip for travelling with tots – take it easy and take it slow…remember you’re probably not going to able to pack in that climb up Macchu Picchu with a baby strapped to your back. Not only will it be twice as hard, but changing a nappy at 3,000 feet is impractical….and feeding on the top of a windswept mountain probably perilous for all concerned.

Certainly for a first trip, choose a decent baby-friendly hotel; look out for availability of travel cots, baby-listening services; baby sitters; and check if there’s an-in room kitchenette or at least a kettle or microwave for those 4am feeds. For those more resourceful or adventurous among you, remember special foods and medicines can always be kept in an icebox – as long as you have a regular supply of ice!

Once crawling, you need to think about restricting your little ones’ movement.Travel cots, playpens, socket and corner covers and stair or balcony guards are a must if you are going to truly enjoy those sundowners

Toddlers might not cope well in heat; remember drinks, sun tan lotion, shade and the simple maxim that cooler kids mean happy parents!

Think about the immediate surroundings – entertainment for the kids is crucial – and you don’t want to spend the best part of the day lugging the kids, stroller, changing mats etc around for hours before arriving at the Sinbad Pirate Theme Park – only to discover the kids are asleep, you’ve been arguing with your partner all day and pirates are last season’s big craze.

A lot of hotels and resorts offer (free) transportation to and from water or theme parks and local attractions.

Having a deal where hotel breakfasts are included might be great for adults, but a waste of money if little Jonny demands a mouthful of specific chocolate mousse and a breadstick warmed for precisely ten seconds in the microwave. Try explaining this to the hotel before you arrive and end up paying extra money for an uneaten mountain of eggs and bacon.

In short, any successful holiday with kids involves a lot more planning, research and thought, but a little preparation will save you hours of misery trawling along the sea front of the Costa Lotta with miserable children.

Happy holidays!

A few helpful resources and ideas to get you started:
Embassy Suites Hotels® are great as they provide Spacious Two-Room Suites and Free Cooked-To-Order Breakfast, etc. For a little more room look into a condo type property or vacation club type resort. Two wonderful examples are located in serene southwest Florida. The Holiday Inn Club Vacations® MARCO ISLAND SUNSET COVE in Marco Island and The Edgewater Beach Hotel in Naples. Both offer Extra room and family friendly amenities everything from dining areas to in some cases fully stocked kitchens (making those 2am feeds as pleasant as they could possibly be).

Spend the cooler part of the day at the local theme parks, and the afternoons at the at property water park. Cooler kids = happy parents. Two wonderful examples are located in Orlando Florida. Liki Tiki Village and Holiday Inn Club Vacations® Orange Lake. Their onsite water parks are a life saver in the hot Florida summers. is another great resource to help make your stay hassle free. If your little one doesn’t sleep very well in a pack n play, or is simply too big you are able to rent a full size crib/bumper pads, high chair, stroller and security gates etc for the condo or hotel room. Imagine how fabulous it will be not have to travel with any baby gear (other than a car seat) and have all the comforts of home on vacation.