Travelling to Puerto Rico from the US

Called by natives of the island as “Borinquen” to honor its Taino roots, Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise worth enjoying, and it so happens that it’s just in the US’s backyard. As a US territory, Puerto Rico enjoys some benefits from this association. It receives a lot of tourism from mainland US states, and its residents enjoy the right of being born as US citizens. Because of these special circumstances, American citizens don’t need passports to travel to the island. That may be a fortunate thing. Travelling to Puerto Rico from the US is like transporting to a completely different world. Colorful coral reefs, limestone caves, thick rainforests, and sandy beaches all contribute to its Caribbean paradise feel. It’s no wonder that some call it la isla del encanto, or “the enchanted island.”

The most popular tourist destinations in Puerto Rico are the capital city of San Juan, the El Yunque National Forest, and Rincon. Each of these destinations offers a different view of Puerto Rico to travelers.

San Juan is the center of all cultural attractions. This walled city is divided into a number of districts, each with its own unique vibes and attractions. For those who want to soak in some history, a visit to the Old San Juan district yields a wealth of information. A day’s walk may take you to La Fortaleza, the oldest governor’s mansion still in use today in the Americas, or to the Alcadia, San Juan’s city hall. Those looking for more leisure under the sun can pay a visit to Isla Verde, where beaches and parks are in abundance.

If you want to get in touch with nature, visiting El Yunque National Forest will provide a unique experience. The rainforest is one of the most naturally diverse in the world. It is home to over 200 species of trees, 88 of which are found only in Puerto Rico. It is also home to the coqui tree frog, Puerto Rico’s unofficial mascot. The most popular activity in El Yunque is hiking the La Mina trail, an undertaking that will take you through the varied terrain of El Yunque to the 35-foot La Mina Falls.

More active vacationers may want to pass through Rincon, a town on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Known internationally for the quality of its waves, Rincon has been dubbed the surfing capital of the Caribbean. As a result, it has become a big destination for surfers from all over the world. Surf camps and surf schools abound for people willing to learn on some of the best waves in the world. For people inclined to less extreme watersports, there are establishments in the town that cater to those who want to dive, snorkel, fish, or whale watch.