Top 5 Tips For Picking A Hotel For Your Wedding Night!
Planning your wedding night is probably one of the most exciting things you will do through the whole wedding process!

If you are looking to book your wedding night, you might want to perk up your ears and listen to these top 5 tips! And yes especially for you grooms out there!

We have 5 tips that will prevent your bride from becoming a bridezilla the day of your wedding night!

#5. Request the room at the end of the hall. You don’t want to deal with children running around in the hallway screaming or people loudly walking through the hallway. It is going to interrupt your alone romantic time with your bride or at very least ruin your much deserved beauty sleep. Then your bride will not be a happy camper and you will begin to see the symptoms of bridezilla coming out!

#4. Get a room that has a bath tub. Most likely your bride will have a lot of hairspray, pins and other paraphernalia in her hair. Don’t be tempted to pull on her hair and make her scream! You also don’t want your bride to be bald on the honeymoon! So the easiest way to take them out and to soak in a bath tub!

#3. Order room service. Many brides and grooms neglect to eat the day of the wedding and they will want a midnight snack. Whether its chocolate dipped strawberries or a cheeseburger and fries, go have a bite to eat, so your bride is not a grouch!

#2. Request a late checkout. You want to be able to enjoy the morning and be able to take your time to recover from the day before. Enjoy breakfast in bed or simply sleep in and avoid rushing out to make checkout time. Brides need their time to get beautified and if you rush her, she might put on her lipstick as eyeliner and comb her hair with mascara and then…you might just get bridezilla!
And lastly, but not least!

#1. Make sure you stay in the same hotel room as your bride! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to sleep on the sofa, this should not be one. We guarantee your bride will become a bridezilla if this occurs!
And there it is….our top 5 tips for selecting the perfect hotel room for your wedding night and how to avoid bridezilla – because I have heard they do BITE!

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