The Best Season to Visit Orlando with the Family

The Orlando tourist scene is a year-round destination. However, for vacationing families, factors like school for the kids, weather, resort prices and amount of visitors should be considered before planning a trip. There is no definite best season to visit Orlando, it always depends on what you want to achieve during your family vacation. Some may want to visit during lean months when not a lot of tourists are in the area, others may want to visit during tourist season. Read on to find out what to consider so you can have the best family vacation in Orlando, Florida.

Peak and Off-Peak Season

Summer is the most popular period. Most families take advantage of school breaks so you will see many vacationers during Spring break, Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas. Going to Orlando during peak seasons can sometimes be stressful, but it also has some benefits. When amusement parks draw huge crowds, they extend operating hours so you can stay longer. Theme parks also throw in special events during peak season so expect more than your money’s worth during your visit. Attractions like Magic Kingdom™ and Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ offer a lot of entertainment after dark. However, this only happens when the park is open late. For those who don’t want to join the huge crowd that flock the area, the end of April has moderate visitors and fall months have low attendance.

Resort Prices

Peak season means hotel and resort prices go up since they get a lot of bookings. Make sure that you choose a family friendly hotel. You also need to consider the proximity of your hotel to the tourist attractions. Most Orlando water parks offer not just affordable accommodations but state of the art entertainment for the whole family. Some also offer discounted tickets and hotel transfers for the whole family. April and May which are considered as Florida’s spring and September to November or Florida’s autumn are the best times to go if you are after low accommodation rates. If you are looking for a hassle-free reservation, visit Hotel Plus Portal. They offer an easy to navigate website which is very helpful in booking for a place to stay.


Expect sudden rain showers and thunderstorms when you visit Orlando from June to September. The months of September to October brings hurricane threats to the area. These should give you a heads up for what to expect during these months. However, this should not discourage you from visiting the area. Rain showers don’t last very long and it cools down the humidity the summer month give to the Florida area. And when the heat becomes unbearable during summer, you can always take a plunge in the water activities that abound any Orlando water park resort.

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