St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

St Thomas US Virgin Islands is a 32-square mile haven that hosts various hotels, beaches and resorts in Caribbean. Despite its small size, it offers a wide range of activities and things to do, like shopping, snorkeling, sailing, diving, sightseeing and dining. It is considered as a gem for travelers who enjoy the sea, history, shopping or photography.

The island is rich in history; it used to be a pirate refuge and since then the place has been considered as a shopping hub. It started in the late 1600’s up until the early 1700’s, merchants started to come to the harbor and offered various merchandise on the streets of the dockside capital, Charlotte Amalie. These days, Charlotte Amalie has been regarded as the center for duty-free shopping, making it a must to visit for traveling shoppers. Travelers, who are also bargain hunters, would love to spend some quality time shopping in these discount paradise!

For decades now, St. Thomas has become a popular Virgin Island vacation spot. The island’s climate is tropical and makes it perfect for beach and outdoor lovers. Some of the beaches that you shouldn’t miss are the Bluebeard’s Beach, Limetree Beach, Coki Beach, Magens Bay, Sapphire Beach, Hull Bay, Morningstar Beach, and Vessup Bay. Other spots that visitors should not miss include the St. Peter mountaintop view and the panoramic view offered by Drake’s Seat. One of the highlights of the island is the eye-popping Coral World, which features one of the world’s most beautiful underwater life. Meanwhile, historic buffs would love to go on tours to see museums housing a collection of local artifacts, the solemn place called St. Thomas Synagogue, and other ancient infrastructures.

St. Thomas hotels provide luxurious accommodations, complimenting the ultimate Caribbean shopping and overall experience. These luxury resorts and hotels complete the vacationer’s island experience. These accommodations –all known for their ambiance, superb dining, and remarkable night life – can be found surrounding the island. The Anchorage Beach Resort is one the luxury hotels that is a family favorite; it is beautifully landscaped on the beach of Cowpet Bay. Another great resort is the Crystal Cove Beach Resort. It is a fully equipped resort condominium that also offers great amenities to cater to the needs of the island’s vacationers. A variety of lodging alternatives are available in the island. Several villa type resorts like Pavilion and Pools, Point Pleasant Resort and Sapphire Beach Resort offer both luxury and affordability. There’s also the Sapphire Village Resort which offers a spectacular hillside overlooking view, providing a different kind of ambience for a more unique stay in the island.

Even though St. Thomas has a busy spot, having a harbor with cruise ships docking from time to time, visitors still get to experience secluded beaches, breathtaking views and extremely relaxing atmosphere. Experience the wide variety of activities and great places to visit in the island. For a wonderful and unforgettable Caribbean vacation, St. Thomas is the place to be!

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