St. Croix US Virgin Islands

The St. Croix US Virgin Islands spans a length of 28 miles and a width of 7 miles in this beautiful Caribbean destination. Apparent to the island’s wonderful architecture is its Danish history, while Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, France and even U.S., all played a vital role in its history and made significant cultural influences.

Visitors to St. Croix will be able to see hints of its rich cultural diversity in its distinct crafts, arts, festivals and music. To learn the island’s incredible history, find time to visit 2 of its main towns and learn how simple and magnificent life was back in the 18th and 19th centuries. See the historic homes in Christiansted or enter the beautiful tropical rainforest found in Frederiksted. Historical places of worship are another aspect of St. Croix’s culture that it takes pride in. Some of these places include Holy Cross Catholic Church – built in the shape of a cross, representing St. Croix, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, and many others.

Enjoy a relaxing morning by the beach; explore a colonial church in the afternoon, and then a have romantic dinner in the evening – such an extraordinary day is possible for any St. Croix visitor. The island offers a serene and peaceful tropical destination for vacationers, honeymooners, scuba divers and more. Its unique history and picture perfect setting provides visitors the ultimate Caribbean experience.

St. Croix is wealthy with reef, beaches, and recreational water sport activities. Its tropical climate allows visitors to enjoy these local amenities. Sandy Point, found on the southwest end of the island, is even known as a nesting ground for endangered sea turtles. Along the crystal clear beaches are recreational activities perfect for the active traveler. And for everything in between, there are options for fine dining, casino, golf, and various other events that keep life in the island an exciting one all year round.

To complete your Caribbean experience, a superb and cozy lodging is the key, and that is what St. Croix Hotels have been offering local and international tourists anytime of the year. Unlike other hotels in the Caribbean, hotels in St. Croix are limited to less than 200 rooms, and have long been specializing in providing luxury service and amenities. These hotels and resorts are keen to offering guests with a rather more personalized, and hence, more unforgettable stay. Among the great accommodations in St. Croix are Club St. Croix, Renaissance St Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa and Colony Cove Beach.

Delight in the rich cultural diversity and fascinating history of St. Croix as witnessed in its fantabulous arts and crafts, and various cultural events and activities throughout the year. Come relax and rejuvenate your mind and heart with a unique island escapade to the paradise of St. Croix.

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