Secret To A Smart Traveler
Have you ever seen that guy strolling along, looking up at the buildings with his camera strapped around his neck, a sun screen embalmed nose and looking a little lost? You just know that those “tourist spots” are ripping him off. If he only knew!
Yeah… we have all seen that guy and maybe even have been “him”, but after you’ve read this article you’ll be an educated, smart traveler! The key to having a successful trip is…drum roll please…hotel staff.

Have the munchies? That is a great question to ask the hotel staff!
Don’t fall into a tourist trap and end up paying more for average food.
Ask the bellhop or the valet for the best local spots that have excellent food at a great price. Dining where the locals eat is a sure bet!

Mini bar – mega moolah!
Don’t overpay for the snacks in the hotel store or mini bar.
Ask the hotel staff to direct you to the local food markets or grocery stores. Buying water, snacks or even a bottle of wine for the room can save you a bunch of money on your vacation.

Keep your kids and your wallet safe!
Don’t wonder aimlessly around town.
Always ask the hotel staff for guidance when thinking about heading out. Whether on foot or by car, you should know where are the shady areas are, especially, if you have kids.

Be a local for a day!
Don’t just stick to the obvious attractions, go see them, but also know that there are alternatives to overpriced attractions tickets. You want to see the town through a local’s eye! A good way to experience hidden treasures is by first asking the hotel staff where they would go on their days off. Perhaps local theaters or farmers markets, you won’t know unless you ask!

Coni… who?
Don’t be fooled by the concierge. Sure, they are a wealth of knowledge, but take their advice with a grain of salt. They are often rewarded by the subject of their recommendations.
Ask them for information, but keep in mind that their endorsement might be paid.
There you have it! The secret to being a smart traveler! Remember, hotel staff are a great resource. Ask them, reward them and you too will reap the rewards.