Point Pleasant Resort

If you are looking for a hotel in St. Thomas that gives the most importance to the environment, then this villa-style resort is your best deal. Point Pleasant Resort boasts of luxurious private accommodations, and is highly regarded as the greenest resort in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Perched on a hillside, offering fabulous down ocean views of the magnificent Caribbean Sea, this resort has come to be a favorite among frequent vacationers because it is conducive to most of the popular bars and restaurants along the northeast end of St. Thomas. Beautiful and pristine beaches in the island, namely, Lindquist, Sugar and Pineapple Beach, are just a short walk from this splendid hotel.

And what’s a beach resort without those mouth-watering meals? Point Pleasant takes pride in two of its restaurants that overlook the majestic ocean. The first-class Agave Terrace serves the freshest seafood in Virgin Islands, whereas Fungi on the Beach serves the best authentic Indian Cuisine. If you’re looking for other specialties, don’t worry. There are several nearby restaurants in St. Thomas offering your cravings, whether it’s local or international.

Apart from having the best neighborhood and the best food in the island, the condo hotel’s facilities are also an integral part in making sure guests are provided with optimum hotel service. All 128 villa-style units are spacious and cozy, each with private terrace that’s beautifully designed by the owners themselves. Among other amenities that guests can enjoy include sun decks, nature walking trail, laundry facilities and seaside bar. Meanwhile, if you’re in for some freshwater relaxation, you can take a dip in one of the three secluded swimming pools while staring at the turquoise water and sailboats from above the hill.

A vacation in the island is not complete without trying on some of the activities. Head on to Coral World (walking distance) and feed the stingrays! This mini sea world is perfect for your little ones, shark tanks and other underwater creatures will surely amuse you. Guests can rent kayaks and paddle or snorkel around the border to see if you can find turtles floating around. If you’re looking for action, you can try out water sports activities via the nearby activity center or you can stay in the hotel and make use of the fully equipped fitness center.

Guests will definitely never run out of anything to do in this island. Nothing is more pleasant than staying in the best hotel that’ll make your experience truly memorable. So, sit back, relax and simply be impressed by the beauty and tranquility of Virgin Islands.

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