Finding the Best Hotels in Isla Verde during Summer

Summer is always the best time to go out and hit the beach. Nothing beats basking in the sun with smooth white sand on your toes. Aside from enjoying the sun and the beautiful beach waters, beach goers also look forward to water sports and other recreational activities in the beach. One of the popular and promising beach destinations that offer all these is Isla Verde.

Isla Verde is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is the closest to the international airport. It is considered as the resort strip of the city of San Juan. Isla Verde means “Green Island,” and its beautiful crescent-shaped beachfront is the pride of the island. The several miles of outstretched beach are the main attraction and the reason why a lot of people visit.

Two beaches are accessible in the area, the Carolina Beach and Isla Verde Beach. Some of the leisure activities that vacationers can get to experience are water sports and other water recreational activities and even cock fighting – which is held at Club Gallistico de Puerto Rico. Some of the best casino hotels in San Juan are situated in Isla Verde; this also adds to the great activities that visitors can enjoy when visiting Isla Verde.

San Juan is a tropical city, making it perfect for beach escapades. This amazing summer paradise is just a short trip from the busy city of San Juan. Both locals and visitors go to Isla Verde to relax, unwind and enjoy the various activities, amazing sights and entertainment that this getaway has to offer.

In order to fully enjoy your stay in Isla Verde, you must have the perfect accommodation to match all of your needs and complete your Caribbean experience. Whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to splurge on luxury lodging, there are surely hotels in Isla Verde that will be suitable for you. Some of the possible hotel options ranging from budget to the expensive ones are:

Las Casitas Village –recently voted the number one beach resort by the T & L Family Magazine. They offer vacation lodging with the comfort of home in their spacious casitas.
Howard Johnson Hotel Isla Verde –a budget accommodation located just a street across the beach and is just about 10 minutes away from the international airport. It offers quality lodging services and perfect for budget travelers.
ESJ Towers –offers the finest Condo-Hotel and Vacation Ownership Resort in Puerto Rico. It has fully equipped units decorated with tropical furnishings, providing comfortable and affordable apartments for visitors’ enjoyment.

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